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Art Nude UK - Life modelling directory & search hub

An On-line support platform for individual working Life Models.
Including everyone involved within the world of Life Modelling.

A self promotional web-platform for the professional model.
An opening for the lesser experienced and newcomer alike.

Bringing together all factions in the Life Modelling Scene:
Life model and modelling resources

           Life models for artists

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Present your modelling history and gallery.
Announce your preferences and full profile
details within your own modelling web page.

A life-model search hub and modelling directory.
A personalised life modelling promotion tool.
The gateway for making contacts & connections.
Ideal for artist or photographer to exhibit work.

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There are several membership types for everyone involved in life modelling:

Life models, Artists, Photographers, Venues, Tutors, Students / Apprentice.
We cater for all skill levels: - Beginner - Novice - Experienced - Professional.

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modelling webpage & gallery.
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Art Nude UK

A useful aid for both models seeking work
and employers needing their services.

Be Listed in our Life Modelling Directory
and full site access with full membership.

Sign up to 'Nude-Wall' and start making
some new life modelling connections.

It's what You make of it that counts.
Because it's your input that really matters!

Member Review: Model 'Simon77'

From the London region.
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Individual Life Models pose for a
timed period from 1 to 10 Minutes.

These 35 min sessions are perfect
for practice and give an insight of
how to tackle short poses during a
real life drawing session or art class.

Regional life arts news views and comments from our correspondents:-

  'The North West Scene' covered by Kenneth Fahy  

  'The South East Scene' covered by Sharon Smithers  

Correspondents are required to cover other regions throughout the UK !

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Art Nude UK Site Features:

Our main aim is to help forge links and build up connections between the various factions within the Life arts and Life modelling world.

Primarily bringing together the Model & Artist.
                See Peter Reeds web site

                        Artist: Peter Reeds.

Life art venues classes and tutors:

We invite you to join our ranks to announce your Venue art classes and tutored life art sessions.

Also offer your Amenities for our members who wish to organize their own life modelling sessions.
                Promoting Life Modelling Art Classes

                          Art classes at Creek Creative. Faversham.

Art Students & Apprentice:

We welcome those studying life art, portraiture, illustration & sculpture.
See concessionary rates for students.

                          A Student's Fine Artwork

- Be part of our Life Modelling on-line community -

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Art Nude UK

Bringing the life modelling scene and the arts world closer together!

Life models for artists

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