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Promoting Life Models and the Arts

Artists who work with Life Models:

Promoting Life Models and Artists

The Artist:

We invite Artists to join and take their part in
making those vital connections and links between
the working Life Model and the Artist.

Our promotional platform is most suited for Artists
working in all types of art mediums or sculpture
who require the services of life models.

Membership comes with a whole web page which
includes your modelling profile, a basic information
and preferences panel, also an image gallery of up
to four pictures which forms your Auto-Slide-Show
to portray your Artwork.

Artists as all members are listed in our
life modelling Directory within the Artists category.

Concessions to Artist Membership:

(for a limited time period).

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The Members Area

Members are required to log-in to gain
full site access to the restricted pages.

Peruse the Modelling Directory that lists
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County. View other members profiles
directly via the Directory page links.

Manage your account and control panel
to up-date your details, edit your member
profile and up-load your gallery images.

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Kent Artist Steve Sargeant

For inspiration or an insight into the world of the Life Artist:

Please meet Artist Steve Sargeant from Wrotham. Kent.

Kent Artist Steve Sargeant

Kent Artist Steve Sargeant
Although in recent years i have specialised in
portrait painting ,i have always been interested
in life drawing and painting.

For me the human body with all its variety of
form and shape represents a real challenge.

I prefer trying to capture a figure in a dramatic
and interesting pose.
Getting the anatomy and proportions of the sitter
can be very demanding.

Another challenge is the variety of skin tones, the play of light upon the skin and the effect that local colour and surrounding has. Its all about conveying its luminosity.

Degas,the impressionist, for example was able to achieve this to great effect.

Every artist has different ways of working.
Although I am happy to do life sketches and drawings with a life model, if i am doing an oil painting or pastel, i prefer to take photos as well which i can download on to my laptop.

This means that i can study the details of the figure and capture a more accurate likeness...

See more of Steve Sargeant's great artwork here...

Art Nude UK bringing the model and artist together.
Resulting in the finest of Artwork.

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Inviting Life Artists to be part of our UK Web hub for life modelling.
Because promoting life modelling is what we do at ANU!

Promoting Life Models and the Arts

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