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Winter Newsletter 2019/20
Content by Kenneth Fahy:

Kenneth Fahy

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Greetings to all members of Art Nude UK.

It's good to report that our success rate among the life drawing community continues, with 621 models now members. At least that's something which is encouraging. I never thought that I would be writing about the near collapse of traditional life drawing activities, but no one expected to live in a situation where a lockdown regime has put paid to normal social intercourse.

These are very worrying times for us in the figurative art world: Zoom, Skype and other social media have come into their own, but they have obvious limitations. Drawing from two- dimensional images is a poor substitute for a proper three- dimensional model in all their beautiful roundness.

My lovely opposite number and talented model in the South East, Sharon Smithers, shares my concern. She is a very compassionate person, and as she has mentioned in our Forum discussion, if anyone needs to talk about their worries and fears, she is there for them.

Like a number of other models I have had contact with, I am spending my enforced self isolation completely and permanently naked. And I am fortunate enough to have access to Zoom, free for the first 40 minutes, which I am using to cyber-model for Bill Garland and Albert Lee every day. In my last newsletter, I discussed my planned trip to Spain to participate in a crucifixion re-enactment on Good Friday; the pandemic put paid to that , but my spiritual mentor Brian Passmore still wanted my crucifixion to happen, so I participated in an alternative event in our Sodality's estate in Llandeilo, West Wales, the same place as described in one of the essays on my homepage. I am still there as I write this, continuing my naked self isolation. My ordeal was, as before, not for the faint hearted, but nowhere as grim as my experience in the Philippines last year.

On a more positive note, there is now a new Facebook group relevant to this area entitled "Life Models Manchester". A commendable effort, it is intended to be a way of models keeping contact on a more social basis, highlighting classes starting up/needing models, collaboration opportunities ...... and going for a drink once Covid-19 has been seen off!. I've joined it, and posted a selection of pics of myself as an album..

To all life models:, be confident, believe in yourselves, eventually we will be back to normal. So don't lose heart and above all PLEASE STAY SAFE!

Love to all and best wishes
Kenneth 11th MAY 2020:
My email is GYMNOS.550@hotmail.co.uk.
And I can be reached on 07890 661717.
I can also provide plenty of images of my work.

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