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Autumn Newsletter 2019
Content by Kenneth Fahy:


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Hi, Dear Readers and especially fellow models.

We must be one of the most successful groups devoted to the promotion of the life model in art: and the cost of membership remains an all time bargain! it is really great to see on the homepage that we have now attained a total of 600 models in our memberships of over one Thousand in total.

I've been modelling for the usual round of life drawing/painting sessions in the North West during the current term, but with about half my time being taken up with work for he professional artists Bill Garland in Bootle and Albert Lee near Dobcross, both of whom use me as their muse. And I'm continuing to be in demand for medical modelling, chiefly at the centre used by the Wellcome Foundation near Dunham Massey. I'm spending at least one day a week there; on my last visit earlier this week, my body was used for anatomical photography for inclusion of a forthcoming CD focused teaching aid. Next week, I will be laid naked on an examination table for the benefit of students who will be shown the basics of a"hands on" physical examination, with particular reference to the prostate. Invasive, but an essential facet of medical training. And the more they know about such things, the better they will be at curing people and saving lives. This kind of thing is a revelation to most of the students, and the first time they have been in such graphic contact with a naked body. But then, intimate knowledge of the bare human body is what the profession they are entering into is all about!

I mentioned in my Summer Newsletter Bill's trip to Spain; he is an ardent Hispanophile, as illustrated by his recreation of the Catalan human tower using naked models .He makes frequent trips to that excellent country, and especially to Benidorm in the Costa Blanca, where he participates in a life drawing group set up by local expats, mainly British but with Irish and Dutch artists, professional and amateur. He is taking me with him for a fortnight in January, and I'm booked to model for a number of sessions. A bit of a change from my trip to Pampanga in the Philippines! But even so, the concept of crucifixion is not going away, as my sojourn will also feature a meeting with representatives of a group known as the "Ermanidad del Muerte Sagrado" . They are a brotherhood associated with the Sodality of St Dismas, known to readers of my essays , and their purpose is to re-enact in full detail the epic events of Jesus' crucifixion. They do his every year in a closed ceremony in Alhaurin el Grande, a village in the hills near Malaga, and they have chosen me to be crucified on Good Friday2020. Both Bill and Albert will be accompanying me to the site to depict me as I hang naked on the crucifix, also as I am laid out in the sepulchre for my body to be washed after deposition from the cross. Members of the brotherhood will be outlining in detail what is going to happen to me, and their carpenter will be there to measure me so that he can prepare the crucifix.

I seem to be spending a lot of time in Albert's studio, often staying for a couple of days at a time and whole weekends. He is very much a "bohemian" character, quite risqué and fun to model for. He insists that I be permanently naked when I am with him, as he has a fondness for my body and sees it as ideal to sketch in whatever pose comes into his head. He has lately taken an interest in the Japanese art form "Shibari", something I have mentioned before in one of my newsletters: it involves the nude body of the model acting as a kind of canvas, tied up with ropes in various intricate and subtle patterns. More detail and illustrations can be found on the internet.

Thanks to all those models who have sent me messages about my work, and the artists around the country who have invited me to pose for them. May I wish a very happy Christmas to all, and may everyone in ANUK have a prosperous and successful New Year.

Love to everybody

Kenneth 5th May 2017: My email is GYMNOS.550@hotmail.co.uk.
And I can be reached on 07890 661717.
I can also provide plenty of images of my work.

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