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My Spring Newsletter 2019
Content by Kenneth Fahy:

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Busy times life modelling

Hello Dear Readers.

Art Nude UK is growing from strength to strength, as its membership of the life drawing community is now 981 - not far short of a thousand members. And 541 models - a number increasing exponientally - is highly encouraging for Alan, Sharon, me and everyone else who are working to make ANUK the most successful advocate of nude art in the country.

My modelling efforts are continuing apace, with recent gigs in Chester, Chorlton in Manchester, Springhead on the far side of Oldham, and Oxton across the Mersey in Birkenhead. All very pleasant bookings with highly talented amateur artists and good rates of pay. Speaking of which, I considered responding to an advert for a life model recently posted on the website of Warrington and Vale Royal College. I thought that the application process would entail a large dose of bureaucracy unnecessary for this kind of job, the need to apply for CRB clearance, etc. I decided not to go ahead, as, in common with other similar Education Institutions, the hourly rate would work out at less than £10 once tax had been deducted. I thought "shall I, as an advocate of nude art tuition, put my name forward?" but I decided No, as life models have particular and unique skills which should be reflected in what they are paid. Something which private art groups do recognise.

What I find interesting is the number of Facebook groups on the theme of nude art. Some are public groups, whilst others are closed. They give an interesting insight into our world, and many of them have memberships spread across the globe. For example, there is a thriving life drawing scene in Melbourne, Australia, also in Singapore. And life drawing flourishes as far away as Los Angeles. Particular favourites of mine are:t Life drawing Models Worldwide; Life models Union; Nude Male Life Drawing; Art models Adventures - they publish examples of the models' work, with Facebook seemingly unworried by the nudity. They have posted drawings of me which have attracted a good number of "likes".

The discussions about life modelling on our Forum page between Sharon in the South East and me up here in the North West are still attracting a multitude of hits, and the invitation is there for everybody to join in the conversation and say what they really, honestly think...

I hope everyone enjoys the fine weather we are promised as Spring turns into Summer, and finds life modelling as rewarding as I do!

Regards Kenneth Spring 2019

My email is kandjfahy@aol.com
And I can be reached on 07890 661717.
I can also provide plenty of images of my work.

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