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My Autumn Newsletter 2018
Content by Kenneth Fahy:

my crucifixion in the Philippines on Good Friday

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Hello everyone
I 'm really delighted how Art Nude UK membership numbers are growing - 895, and that includes almost 500 lovely models.

With our national coverage, and competitive membership rates, we take pride in ourselves for what we are, with our celebration of the naked body in art.

And a warm welcome to another regional correspondent, Sharon Smithers, who is a popular and talented life model from Kent, and who has already contributed two interesting pieces as "Sharon's Corner."

Anybody else out there who feels like telling us about their experiences as nude models???

Speaking of pride reminds me of "Bill's Bespoke Bare Boys" participation in Pride week in Manchester in August just gone. We lads are PROUD to be what we are and naked wherever possible, which is why we are such enthusiastic and sought after models. We took part in a number of LGBT themed life drawing sessions during the event: Bill Garland, who runs our modelling co-operative, is an admirer of the Gymnopedia group of models in London (their website and facebook posts are fascinating.)
He had the idea of a piece of performance art about something he feels very strongly about. This is the murderous way in which LGBT people are being slaughtered around the world because of their sexuality - you know the countries I mean. Hanged from cranes, thrown off tops of buildings, strangled, shot. Evil and unacceptable. As somebody who has been left naked and for dead in the past, I fully support what he was doing. For the purpose, he had hired the crypt of a disused chapel in Middleton. Besides his own models, Bill had also co-opted guys from a male naturist club in Wirral who were keen to take part, making 30 of us. Briefly, what happened? Naked, we were lined up in alphabetical order in front of an old tomb. Before the tomb stood a nude George and Gregory, both fellow models. They summoned by name each guy in the queue to step forward in turn, to be seized, stretched out on the top of the tomb and notionally stabbed with a wicked looking theatrical dagger. They then lifted each body off the tomb, kissed it, and stacked each one reverentially in a pile. We laid motionless for an hour, our limbs beautifully entwined, commemorating the memory of those who shared our sexuality and were executed for it. Sympathetic artists came along to the event to draw our bodies, and the event was recorded on film. Bill said that the event was in the same tradition as the group displays of naked flesh by people such as animal rights campaigners.

Studiolambert, who are the people who produce "Naked Attraction" for Channel 4, have used our services before, and you've no doubt saw their piece in our Forum in May seeking volunteers for their next series. Some po-faced reviewers in the press have criticised the programme, but I think it's good fun, cheers you up on a dark evening and takes a lovely, guilt free attitude to the naked body. One of my sexual partners at the Northwich Sauna told me I've got a body ideal for the show, and that I should put my name down for it. So I took the plunge, and am on the list as a potential nude for a future series! Not the first time I've been naked on C4 - did anyone see the series "Life Class - Today's Nude" some years ago where I did a couple of reclining poses in Hornsey Town Hall? And there's more on the same theme; I am also an habituee of a BDSM club in York, having been signed up by Bernard, the guy mentioned in an earlier newsletter who I met in Hull for the Spencer Tunick gig. The club is quite taken with the concept of "Naked Attraction," and have pinched the idea for one of their scenarios. In their version, the guy doing the choosing is a dominant and those in the booths are submissives. The dominant has to choose one of the latter, who would be taken away as a victim for exquisite tortures and bondage!! It's Bernard's turn to be the dominant doing the choosing next time, and he wants me in one of the booths. One difference from the TV version is that the show and the fate of the chosen nude takes place in front of a live audience. I can't wait to see what happens, particularly as this is planned for Halloween!

There's been a good reaction to my essay describing my crucifixion in the Philippines this Easter, both email and text, and not just from ANUK members. the consensus was that it didn't go far enough, and that Calibaryo should have finished me off. As before, I have had the usual offers to be crucified - one guy has invited me to be crucified alongside him, and I am following this up, with Brian Passmore's approval. There's also been a couple of enquiries from guys about getting involved with naked worship and how to go about joining the Sodality of St Dismas.

So good luck to everybody in the nude art scene this Autumn, and who knows - we might not be long until we have a thousand members?

Regards Kenneth

My email is kandjfahy@aol.com.
And I can be reached on 07890 661717.
I can also provide plenty of images of my work.

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